The Crucible

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Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Jack of Skulls

Event[edit | edit source]

The town of Stiegal sits upon the only safe crossing of the river Ernst. However, the only adventurers allowed to cross are those who pass through the Crucible.
In the Crucible you'll fight monsters for the entertainment of the townspeople of Stiegal.
What will you Do?
  • A) Enter the Crucible.
You're led to the first arena.
"Choose your opponent wisely", yells a man from the crowd, "I'm betting on you!"
Draw 3 Monster Cards. Choose 1 (2 at deeper levels).
"You survived that round. Now do it again!"
The crowd awaits your decision.
Draw 2 Monster Cards. Choose 1 (OR no choice at deeper levels).
Draw 3 Monster Cards. Choose 2.
"I have all my gold riding on this one," a random voice yells, "Don't let me down!"
The crowd cheers your name as you are led to the final arena.
Draw 2 Monster Cards.
After surviving the Crucible, you are paraded through town and allowed to continue upon your adventure. A few random peasants throw coins, saying"You've made me rich, warrior!"
Draw 4 Gold Gain Cards. Earn Token.
if no token:
Draw 1 OR 4 Gold Gain Cards.
  • B) Attempt to swim the river.
You approach the raging river.
The water runs fast and deep around you as you plunge in.
Instant death if wearing heavy armor.
  • A) Continue.
Success:(2 x with light armor, 0 x with medium armor)
In only light armour, you make it across the river quickly.
Failure:(2 x with light/medium armor)
Almost at the other side, you slip and sink beneath the surface. Luckily, your light armor makes it easy to recover and escape the waters.
Draw 2 Pain Cards.
Huge Failure:(0 x with light armor, 2 x with medium armor)
You attempt to traverse the raging waters of the river. With every ounce of your strength, you endeavour to stay upstream, but the current is to strong and you are dragged away, over a waterfall.
Draw 4 Pain Cards.

  • C) Attempt to bribe the mayor.
You contact the mayor through one of his lackeys and arrange a meeting.
The mayor agrees to speak with you from the other side of a portcullis, at a discreet side entrance
Choice to offer 20, 40, 60 gold for 1x, 2x, 3x Success chance cards respectively
"Trade has been slow this season. Very well, we accept your... gift." You are guided through Stiegal as an official guest.
Encounter ends.
The mayor's lackeys take your gold and lead you into the city. Once inside, however, you are taken to the arena.
See choice A
  • D) Attempt to talk your way past the guards. (Shadow Agent fate?)
You spend some time watching the main gate, before choosing just the right moment to approach.
The gate has just closed behind a group of young nobles heading into the city when you arrive and rush up to the guard.
Success:(1 x)
Drawing on your knowledge of courtly etiquette and manners when dealing with hired help, you berate the guard for keeping you locked out of the city while your friends go off into town without you.
The guard sheepishly lets you into the town while you threaten to have him replaced through your various connections.
Encounter ends.
Failure:(3 x)
You explain that your friends just entered the city and that you need to catch up with them.
"They don't look like friends of yours," the guard replies. "You look more like a vagrant to be honest."
He waves over the other guards, saying "We don't need anymore homeless in the city. But the arena will do nicely."
You are dragged away to do battle in the arena."
See choice A

Token[edit | edit source]

For surviving the arenas in the town of Stiegel you receive:
Encounter:Loan, A Wife's Fury, Noble Trader
DLC Only: Gain Card: Armoury: Draw 2, select 1 to keep