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Event 1[edit | edit source]

You meet a wandering priest who greets you in a friendly manner.
"For a small share of your provisions, I will bless you in the name of the old gods."
  • 1) Give the priest half your food.
The amount of each type of cards changes during the game. Possibly it depends on number of blessings. Early in the game it is 3x Success, 1x Huge Success. Later in the game it can get down to: 1x Success, 3x Huge Failure.
  • Huge success:
He speaks in the language of the old religion for several minutes and then gently touches your forehead.
"It is done."
Draw 2 Blessing Cards.
Acquire this card's token.
  • Success:
Draw 1 Blessing Card.
Acquire this card's token.
  • Failure: He begins to mumble some words, then seems to stop and think. He repeats this a few times, then gives up and walks away.
Draw 1 Curse Card.
  • Huge Failure:
Draw 2 Curse Cards.
  • 2) Decline.
"No, well I'm sure you won't need the help of the gods where you're going. Farewell!"

Event 2[edit | edit source]

This event is triggered when player has 6 or less food.
You meet a wandering priest who greets you in a friendly manner.
"Are you Hungry? I can part with 3 of my meagre supplies for only 12 gold!"
  • 1) Accept.
"Truly, the gods smile upon our meeting here this day." the priest says, as he takes your gold.
Lose 12 gold, gain 3 food.
  • 2) Decline.
"No, well, best of luck to you, stranger. Farewell."

Event 3[edit | edit source]

You look down on your luck. Here - have my lucky penny. Perhaps it will bring you greater fortune than it did me." Gain 1 Gold.

Event 4[edit | edit source]

"You look like you've been in a bit of a scrap! Let me tend to those wounds while I pray for your soul."

Draw 1 Health Gain Card.

Unlocked By[edit | edit source]

Jack of Dust

Token[edit | edit source]

For dealing with the helpful priest, you receive:
Encounter: Charity
Equipment: Healer's Ring
(DLC adds Gain Card: Health Potion +15 Health)